Industrial Action - Thursday 10 July 2014

You may be aware that a day of industrial action for public sector workers has been called by GMB and UNISON, Bolton Council’s main Trade Unions, for Thursday 10 July 2014.

Unfortunately this means that waste and recycling collections will be affected.

No bins will be emptied on Thursday 10 July and we will not empty the bins before the next scheduled collection day.

Therefore, if your grey, beige, burgundy or green bin is due to be emptied on Thursday 10 July, your next collection will take place on Thursday 24 July. The next collection of the food waste containers will take place on Thursday 17 July.

To help manage your waste:

  • Use all your recycling containers to their full advantage!
  • Use your burgundy bin to recycle all your plastic bottles, glass bottles and jars, foil and foil trays, aerosols and food and drink cans.
  • Use your beige bin to recycle all your paper, cardboard and drink cartons (Tetrapaks).
  • Recycle all your raw and cooked food and garden waste in your green bin or food waste container. If you are concerned that your food waste may smell you can double bag it using the compostable food waste liners provided by free of charge by Bolton Council.
  • Double bag your general waste if you are concerned that it may smell.
  • Any additional waste can be taken to one of the Household Waste Recycling Centres which are located at: Hurstwood Court, Raikes Lane Industrial Estate, Bolton, BL3 5NH open 8am to 8pm 7 days a week.

    Salford Road, Over Hulton, BL5 1DG open 8am to 8pm Monday to Saturday and 8am to 5pm on Sunday and Bank Holidays.
  • For more information on the Household Waste Recycling Centres visit

On your next scheduled collection day:

  • Do not leave any bags at the side of your grey or green bin and food waste container as they will not be collected.
  • Do not put general waste in your recycling bins.

We can collect additional recyclable waste from your burgundy and beige bins as long as it is put in clear, untied plastic bags and left at the side of your bins. Please make sure you separate the waste as though you would for your bins. For example make sure plastic bottles, foil and foil trays and food and drink cans are put in separate bags to your paper, cardboard and drink cartons.

We are sorry for any disruption and inconvenience the industrial action may cause you. Please remember not to put any of your bins out for collection on Thursday 10 July as they will not be emptied.


Bin collection reminders, recycling tips and service announcements

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Slim your bin for free

If you are using all the free recycling containers available to you, you may find that you are not filling your grey bin.

Do you know that you can now slim your grey bin and swap your standard grey bin for a slimmer version free of charge?

Why downsize?

  • To protect the environment
  •  The cost of disposing of grey bin waste is significantly more expensive than recycling
  • The slimmer bin is the same height as the original grey bin
  • The slimmer bin takes up less space and is easier to move around

To slim your grey bin:


Gardeners it's time to spontaneously compost

Recycle for Greater Manchester would like to encourage keen gardeners across the region to home compost some of their food and garden waste to save them money and help the environment, whilst they watch their gardens flourish.

Almost half of the food waste in your rubbish bin can be composted, so instead of throwing it away, turn it into a valuable and natural resource for your garden. If you have not got a compost bin already, why not get one and start to use it this Spring.

To encourage home composting, Greater Manchester Councils in partnership with are offering home compost bins for as little as £16.98 plus delivery – less than half the recommended retail price of £39. There is also a ‘Buy One Get One Half Price’ offer, adding extra value to residents with larger gardens or those who team up with a friend or neighbour to buy a bin. To see what’s available in your local area call 0844 571 4444 or look online at Simply enter your postcode to find the best deal for you.

Why not visit the Recycle for Greater Manchester website at Recycle For Greater Manchester for a step by step guide to home composting, how to get the best results, plus useful hints and tips on how and where to use the compost you have made.

Revive your garden with compost made with your recycling!

The high quality peat-free compost is made with your very own food and garden waste. The compost is available to buy from:

  • Heaton Fold, Overdale Drive,  BL1 5BU
  • Raikes Lane Industrial Estate, BL3 2NH - You’ll need to go to the weighbridge (where the commercial/council delivery vehicles go) to collect and make payment by cash or card for the compost.
  • Salford Road, Over Hulton, BL5 1DG - You'll need to go to the weighbridge (where the commercial/ council delivery vehicles go) to collect and make payment by cash or card for the compost.

All the food and garden waste collected from Greater Manchester homes is processed at In-Vessel Composting facilities (IVC) in Rochdale, Stockport and Trafford. In vessel composting is a 100% natural process and works the same way as a home compost bin does but on a massive scale. Up to 175,000 tonnes of food and garden waste is processed at the facilities in a year. From meat and vegetables to grass cuttings and twigs to tea bags, the whole lot is turned into compost in just 6 weeks.

To make the compost suitable to be used at home it is blended with forestry bi-products such as sawdust and husks. The compost is produced to an approved British Standard and follows the Compost Quality Protocol, which provides reassurance for its use as a multi-purpose peat free compost.

Revive compost is available in 20L bags for £1.50, and 40L bags for £2.84. 4x40L bags can be bought for just £9.98.

For more information please visit Recycle for Greater Manchester 

Seeing is Believing

Affordable pre-loved funrniture

Greater Manchester has many furniture re-use organisation that collect and sell pre-loved furniture. This is an essential service for people on low incomes who are looking for affordable furniture in their home. Even if you are just looking for a great bargain, these organisation are a great way to save money if you are looking for quality furniture at affordable prices. They have a wide range of items, with stocks updated daily. 

Locally in Bolton, Bolton Community Transport and Furniture Services is a local registered charity operating within the Bolton area to offer a free collection service for all reusable household furniture and white goods. 

Bolton Community Transport and Furniture Services operate three friendly and reasonably priced furniture showrooms where both new and reusable furniture is stored and sold.

Visit the showrooms at:

  • Unit A1, Lecturers Close, Bolton (behind Sainsbury's)
  • 139/141 Market Street, Farnworth 
  • 63 Knowsley Street, Bolton

To arrange a furniture collection please Tel: 01204 364777, email or visit the Bolton Community Transport and Furniture Services website.

Curious?... you can now visit Recycle for Greater Manchester to see what Bolton Community Transport and Furniture Services has on sale before you go down to the shop. They are regularly uploading pictures of new stock so you can see it all at a touch of a button. Seeing is believing, so if you are looking for something special for your newly decorated living room, why not have a look at what these organisation have to offer? A sofa for £30… look no further!

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