Welcome to the council's Asset Management Strategy and Corporate Asset Management Plan (AMP) for 2009 to 2012. Our Asset Management Strategy sets out the vision, core values and objectives that form the context for the preparation of the Corporate Asset Management Plan and Service Asset Management Plans.

Most people use public assets, such as council buildings, leisure centres, libraries and the highway network on a regular basis. They are fundamental to the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the community and neighbouring areas. They help shape the character of local areas and influence the quality of life for local people. They make an important contribution to local priorities, including education, health, social inclusion, community safety and sustainable development (Source: Audit Commission, 2008).

The way the council manages its land and property assets can have a significant impact both on the quality of services delivered to the public and the local environment. Effective asset management is essential in bringing 'agility' to land and property assets so that the delivery of the council's goals and objectives are realised in a sustainable manner, at the right time and on budget.

This Plan shows how our approach to managing land and property assets fits within the council's Corporate Business Planning Framework to ensure that they contribute to the achievement of corporate priorities as identified in the Sustainable Community Strategy 'Bolton: Our Vision 2007-2017'.  It also demonstrates the progress made since our last published AMP and identifies the next steps in our approach to continuously improving our land and property assets.

Section 2 sets the context for the Plan and Section 3 shows how it contributes to our strategic priorities.

Section 4 highlights the context for asset decision making taking into account the overall financial position of the council.

Section 5 summarises the key issues and recommendations identified in the current Service Asset Management Plans (March 2008) and takes into account what the service/business drivers mean for the asset base. The gap between where the asset base is now and where we want it to be is considered.

Sections 8 and 9 cover our approach to each category of the asset base, including the broad resource implications of the asset strategy. ‘Land and property’ is a key resource in common with the other headline key resources (finance, staff and information technology) – they are all interrelated and property has close relationships with each of the other resources.

Section 10 describes our performance management system and performance measures for land and property management, including a summary of our performance for the first 9 months of the 2008/09 financial year and the out-turn performance data for 2007/08 and 2006/07.

Section 12 identifies our strategic action plan and milestones to deliver the Asset Strategy and to deliver the required asset changes and improvement.  The ongoing challenge that the council faces is to demonstrate that improved asset management will continue to lead directly to improved service delivery and outcomes for our customers.

This Asset Management Plan will be regularly challenged, revised and updated as part of the council’s business planning cycle. Going forward, we will supplement the performance data contained in this AMP through the vehicle of our Corporate Property Services Division’s six monthly Property Performance Reports to the Executive Member for Strategy & External Partnerships.

Our Corporate Asset Management Plan 2009-2012 highlights our key successes and performance improvements in asset management terms over the last year, and looks ahead to the further improvements we plan to achieve, in conjunction with our partners, over the next three years and beyond.

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