Change of address or circumstance for council tax

You must inform us immediately if there is a change in your circumstances that could affect your council tax. It is your responsibility to provide us with the right information so we can send you a correct bill.

View your account online

You can see how your council tax bill has been calculated and your outstanding balance. You can also:

    » check the payments you have made and when any future payments are due
    » set up or amend a direct debit 
    » view or print your current and previous bills

View your account online

The website is available 24 hours a day and it is updated regularly, so you can see up to date information and check the progress of changes you have told us about. You will need to register but you will only need to do this once. 

Change the way you pay your instalments

Annual council tax bills in Bolton are usually issued in March to be paid by 10 monthly instalments from April to January. However, you can ask for your instalments to be spread over 12 months from April to March.

You can also: 
    » choose to pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly 
    » pay by direct debit, standing order, cash, cheque, debit or credit card

If you wish to change how you pay your council tax, complete the online form.

Change your council tax instalments

Report a change of address

Let us know when you move home so you can pay the right amount of council tax. You need to tell us if: 
    » You move within Bolton 
    » You move into Bolton 
    » You move out of Bolton

You may need to provide the following information:
    » Your council tax account number 
    » Your name, address and contact telephone number 
    » The address you are moving from/to 
    » The date you are moving 
    » The date the property is being sold 
    » Tenancy end date 
    » If the property is furnished/unfurnished 
    » The date furniture was moved in/out 
    » The name and address of the solicitors acting on your behalf 
    » The name of the person the property has been sold to 
    » The landlords or agent's name and address

Telling us that you have moved is really important by simply completing the online form. This form can only be used to register a change of address for Council Tax purposes only. You should notify other council services separately.

Online change of address form  

Landlords and agents reporting a change of address

You should contact us each time a tenant moves in or out of one of your properties and if we write to you and ask you for information you must provide it within 21 days or you may be held liable.

For more information see benefits and council tax advice for landlords.

Report a tenant moving in Report a tenant moving out 

Report a change in circumstances

If your circumstances change and you believe this may affect your Council Tax account let us know immediately so that we can make sure you are paying the right amount of Council Tax.

Changes you must tell us about include: 

    » Tell us if someone comes to stay with you for a period of time and you are currently receiving 
    a discount on your council tax bill
    » If someone moves out and you are now the only adult in the property over 18 as you may be 
    entitled to claim single person discount
    » If you change your name 
    » If you claim single person discount and someone else in the property turns 18 
    » If the person who is liable for council tax dies
Report a change of circumstances

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