Apply for a dropped kerb

A dropped kerb allows vehicles to cross the verge or pavement from the road to access your driveway.

Legal considerations

Planning permission may be required for such work when:

  • The property involved has the frontage directly on to a classified road
  • The property involved is a listed building
  • The property involved is something other than a house for a single family. This includes flats, maisonettes and commercial or industrial premises

Please contact the Planning Department prior to completing an application form to make sure that permission is not required.


How to apply

Once you have confirmed that planning permission is not required, please contact us to proceed with the application.
Phone 01204 336600 or email 



We will check the proposal, mark out the footpath/kerb edge and provide you with a written quotation for the construction. Once payment has been received the works will commence approximately six to eight weeks afterwards.

Access protection markings

Access protection markings are white 'H' shaped lines painted on the road, in front of your driveway, garage or other access point. They highlight dropped kerbs to other road users.

The Council can sometimes provide these access protection markings, at a property owner's expense, if the difficulties are being caused by visitors to local amenities (eg. shops) rather than neighbour parking.
Before an access protection marking can be considered, the property owner must have an approved dropped kerb and hard standing (eg. a driveway) where their vehicle is parked.

How to apply

The cost of the marking is £120 for a marking upto 6 metres in length and £150 for a marking over 6 metres in length. 
For further details, please contact us.
Phone 01204 336677 or email


Important - Please Note
The construction of a dropped kerb by the Council does not give the occupier of the premises any particular rights, except to drive across the footway to gain access to his or her property with a private or light goods motor vehicle. The crossing itself is still part of the public highway.
From the date that the council accepts the completed crossing, they will assume responsibility for its maintenance at no cost to the occupier, apart from any damage caused by illegal use by heavy goods vehicles etc.
If you decide to go ahead with construction you must remove any fence, wall or hedge within the property at the place where the crossing will be located before construction can take place.

Access Protection Markings (white H markings) are only advisory and there is no legal order behind them. If you are encountering issues with people obstructing your driveway, preventing you from exiting your property then this is classed as obstruction and is a local police issue. You should contact the Police for advice.

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