Young people say “Lives not knives” 

Bolton Town Hall
Bolton Town Hall

Young people have marked the pavements of Bolton using clean graffiti, to promote an anti-knife crime message.

“Lives not knives” is a Bolton Council led campaign to educate and inform young people in the borough about knife crime and to explain the consequences of carrying and using knives.

The council’s Youth Inclusion Team is working with a group of six boys aged 13 to 16 who have received funding from the Ben Kinsella Trust, supported by the Prince’s Trust, to promote anti-knife crime.

As part of the eight-week project they have met with perpetrators of knife crime in prison, conducted research into why knife crime happens and then met with a local designer to put their ideas onto posters, leaflets, clean graffiti and business cards.

The campaign launched this week, when young people unveiled clean graffiti at Century House, George Street, Farnworth.

Clean Graffiti is a method of creating semi-permanent images on walls or pavements. The Bolton Council graffiti team use high power washer to remove dirt to create images, using designed stencils. Because reverse graffiti is temporary, biodegradable, and no hard materials such as ink, paper, or chemicals are used in its production, reverse graffiti is considered an environmentally friendly way of advertising.

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