Turn a big bill into a 'Little Bill' 

Town Hall

Residents in Bolton can apply for up to £7,000 to help slash the cost of their energy bills.


Under the new Little Bill campaign, councils across Greater Manchester are working together with the Greater Manchester Energy Advice Line to help people save money and improve the efficiency of their homes.


Little Bill, the campaign's new mascot, will soon begin appearing on posters encouraging households to apply for up to £7,000 worth of home improvement measures including new central heating systems, solar panels and insulation.


Any homeowners or private tenants living in Greater Manchester can apply for this offer by visiting www.gmenergyadvice.co.uk or call 0800 009 3363.


Meanwhile, Greater Manchester Energy Advice is inviting residents to express an interest in becoming a show home demonstrating innovative energy-saving home improvements and sharing their experiences with their communities.


In return, selected households will be offered up to £12,000 towards the costs of these improvements.


A total of 30 households across Greater Manchester will be selected according to criteria including location, house type and the range of energy improvements that could be installed.


To apply, households must be willing to have their homes made into beacons within their communities, demonstrating how they can make their homes easier to heat, healthier and fit for the future.


The successful applicants will have their homes open to other members of the public on seven set days over a two-year period, so visitors are able to see for themselves how these measures work.


Bolton Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing and Social Inclusion, Councillor Kate Lewis, said: “Saving money on fuel bills is hugely important to residents and I’d urge anyone to contact the advice line and find out whether they’re eligible for this funding.”


Anyone in the areas affected will be eligible for either offer.


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