Travel training celebration 

Photo of children on town hall steps
Pupils celebrating completing their travel training

Pupils celebrated their success at completing an Independent Travel Training course with a special event.

Around 50 students and their families were invited to the celebration event at the Festival Hall, Bolton, where they were presented with certificates.

The young people, from schools across Bolton, had taken part in the training delivered by Pure Innovations, a Stockport-based charity.

Since 2012, Pure Innovations has been working with Bolton Council to deliver the training to young people with additional needs in order to equip them with the skills and confidence needed to make the journey to school or college independently.

Previously, the students will have been taken to school by council-provided transport or their parents.

The event celebrated the fantastic achievement by all the young people that they no longer need to rely on other people to get to where they wish to go. And, as a result of improving their independence, they have raised their future opportunities and aspirations.

Also helping them celebrate their achievements were Cabinet Member for School, Councillor Kevin McKeon and Director of Children's and Adult Services, Margaret Asquith.

The travel training programme uses real-time, personalised, one to one training by dedicated trainers to embed the process of travelling safely into the young people’s everyday lives.

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