Toasty warm in Bolton 

Campaign launch
Councillor Nick Peel, Bolton Council's Executive Member for Housing, with Mr Toast

Residents in Bolton are being encouraged to install cost-cutting cavity wall and loft insulation in their homes.

The Toasty Manchester campaign has been launched by all ten Greater Manchester local authorities in partnership with the Energy Saving Trust.

In Bolton, residents aged 60 or over can benefit from free insulation and those aged under 60, could be fitted with insulation from as little as £50, subject to availability and a survey. Residents do not have to be on benefits to be eligible.

The campaign’s mascot, a cartoon character called ‘Mr Toast’, made his way across the region to encourage people to sign up for free surveys to see if they qualify for subsidised installations.

And Councillor Nick Peel, Bolton Council’s Executive Member for Housing was on hand to welcome Mr Toast to the borough.

He said: “Insulation is great; it’s like putting a blanket around your home to keep it warm. As well as feeling warmer, residents should also save money on fuel bills as insulation helps to reduce the amount of heat which escapes from homes.”

In addition to the clear financial incentives for residents, the region’s new ‘toasty’ warm houses will help lower the carbon footprint of the city as Greater Manchester strives to become a low carbon economic area.

There are nearly 530,000 unfilled cavities and under-insulated lofts within Greater Manchester’s houses and the Toasty campaign hopes to make 75 per cent of these houses energy efficient by 2013. This first part of the campaign hopes to result in the insulation of 4500 homes.

The Energy Saving Trust is a government funded organisation working across all ten districts of Greater Manchester.

Residents can find out more by visiting the link on the right-hand-side or by calling 0800 512 012.

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