Suzy swims in grandmother’s footsteps 

Barbara Dwyer taking a swimming class in the 1960s
Barbara Dwyer taking a swimming class in the 1960s.

A swimming teacher is continuing her grandmother’s legacy by boosting babies’ confidence in the water.

Suzy Moores (aged 22) was taught to swim at a very young age by her grandma, Barbara Dwyer, who was the resident swimming teacher at Farnworth Pool for many years.

Sadly, Barbara passed away in February 2007 but Suzy is carrying on the family tradition by teaching an adult and child swim class twice a week.

Suzy has worked at Farnworth for six years after taking a lifeguard qualification at the age of 16. She moved on to become an assistant teacher before gaining her Level 2 teacher award two years ago.

She has recently begun teaching babies from the age of four months to three years, along with their parents, to get them used to being in the water.

“I have been in water since I was in nappies,” explained Suzy, “My grandma took me when I was growing up and I had lessons with her at Farnworth. Then I trained as a lifeguard at the age of 16 so it was a natural progression to become a swimming teacher. My dad, Malcolm Moores, also teaches at Farnworth and my mum, also called Barbara, used to teach before having children.”

Suzy’s grandma introduced the first adult swimming lessons at Farnworth in 1976 and over the years has taught hundreds of people how to swim before retiring in 2001.

Suzy added: “My grandma was really chuffed at my career choice and I think she would have been extremely proud to know that I was now teaching babies. It’s something a bit different and she always believed that it was better to get children used to the water sooner rather than later. It’s a really social event, with singing and games as well as water safety.”

Suzy’s adult and child lessons take place Tuesdays and Thursdays, from noon to 12.45pm for four to 12 months and from 12.45pm to 1.30pm for 12 months to three years. There is also an informal session each Monday, Wednesday and Friday between noon and 1pm for adults and children, which is staffed by two lifeguards.

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