Stay safe this winter 


Winter weather can be harsh and driving conditions can quickly change with poor visibility plus snow and ice on the roads.

So it’s best to be prepared and take extra care when planning your journey. Here are a few tips to help you keep safe:

  • Check your vehicle. Some of the most important routine checks include spark plugs, battery and ignition, which all need to be in good working order to get your car started on a cold morning. Check all tyres for condition, pressure and tread depth at the start of winter – at least 3mm of tread is recommended for winter.
  • Carry a safety kit in case your car breaks down and place it within easy reach. Essentials include warm clothing, blankets, hot drinks, a torch, a shovel, and suitable footwear. Be prepared in case you have to wait in your car for recovery assistance.
  • Check the weather forecast and road conditions allowing extra time for your journey. Ask yourself-is this journey absolutely essential?
  • Make sure your mobile phone is charged up before setting off on long journeys and that you have the contact details of your emergency breakdown cover.

Get the latest information on council services affected by adverse weather conditions by monitoring the council webpage or through Twitter.

Around your home you can prepare to cope when severe weather conditions hit:

  • Ensure you have a spade or shovel and some grit at home in case you need to move or clear snow from footways and driveways. Heaton Fold Horticultural Centre is selling 25kg bags of salt-grit priced at £5.70 a bag. Snow shovels are also available at £7.75 each.
  • Keep an eye on your elderly and vulnerable neighbours to check if they need any assistance. If you are not able to clear the snow or if you don’t feel it’s safe to leave your house for provisions, ask a neighbour for help.
  • Keep warm by wearing extra layers of clothes and putting additional blankets or use an electric blanket on your bed at night.
  • Have some sensible shoes with good grips at hand for when the footways start to get slippery.

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