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The latest information about gritting can be found here.

Council gritters have been working around the clock to deal with the snow and ice in Bolton.

Since 2.30pm on Wednesday 28 Jan, teams have worked continuously to keep Bolton's main roads safe and clear of ice and snow.

The council’s fleet of gritting vehicles went out four times (2.30pm, 10pm, 2am and 5am - completing four full route grits) spreading almost 200 tonnes of grit.

Gritters are out now gritting all the main routes and will be gritting throughout the day.

A full route grit covers 510km/317 miles of roads around Bolton - just over half of the total road network. All the main roads and major bus routes are covered on a full route grit and it takes several hours to complete. There are also 533 grit bins around the borough which will be refilled in the coming days.

We grit the footpaths in Bolton town centre and the other town centres around the borough, and during snowy conditions staff will clear snow from bus stops on main roads and near key locations eg train station and bus station.

Maps showing the roads which we grit and the location of grit bins can be found using the link on the right hand side. 

Myth buster

* Once a gritter has put salt on the road, it will melt ice.

Untrue – spreading salt is only the start of the de-icing process. Grit needs movement and crushing by traffic for it to start to be effective. When traffic volumes are low, roads can remain icy for some time until there is a significant traffic flow.

* I’ve not seen a single gritter and I’m on a gritting route.

A driver covers approximately 50 miles on a route so given the length of a route it is quite possible that people might not see the gritters. The road gritting often takes place late throughout the night or very early in the morning.

* Anybody can use grit bins.

Grit bins are for the use of residents in that area, on the public footpath and roads and not for driveways.

* Why do councils only grit once it starts snowing?

When snow is forecast we start gritting the roads before it starts snowing to slow the rate of snow settling. Again some people may not see the gritting that’s taken place as its usually overnight/in the early hours. If people do see a gritter, chances are it’s one that has been out before because when the weather is bad we grit continuously. The problem is that grit alone has very little effect on snow and once snow has started to build up on the roads, there is little anyone can do until it becomes deep enough to plough (about 25mm or 1 inch). It’s the action of ploughing, spreading salt and vehicles running on the snow which help to clear the roads.


Headteachers will make decisions about whether to open their schools or not depending upon the conditions. The latest information about those open or closed will appear here.

Waste and recycling

All our waste and recycling vehicles will be out and attempting to collect from as many properties as possible which are due to receive a collection.

If your grey or green  bin is missed please contact us at 01204 336632 or email by 5pm the next working day after collection. We will return to empty your grey bin or green bin  the following week on the same day.

If your recycling bins or food waste containers are missed please bring them back within the boundary of your property and put them out again on your next collection day.

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