Schools win cash for right recycling 

Recycling competition winners

Bolton Council has announced the winners of a competition for local schools to win money by encouraging pupils to recycle the correct items in the burgundy bins. 

 28 primary schools across Bolton signed up to take part in the competition and had the opportunity to win up to £300 per school to use on equipment or activities.

 The winning school was St John the Evangelist RC Primary School in Bromley Cross, which has won £226.13. All schools who took part in the competition received some money, ranging from £40 to £200, depending on the number of pupils and the number of tags handed in.

 Recycling officers from Bolton Council visited all schools and talked to pupils about recycling right and what should and should not go in the burgundy bin.  Each child was then given two bin hangers to take home and write their school name on and was asked to discuss what they have learned with their families.

 On the day of their burgundy bin collection, together with their families, they checked the contents of the burgundy bin to ensure it only contained food and drink cans, glass bottles and jars and plastic bottles only. They then attached the tags to the burgundy bin.  

 When the refuse collection crew emptied the burgundy bin, they checked that it contains the correct items, with each correctly tagged bin winning money for the child’s school. This was then repeated on the next burgundy bin collection, until the end of the school term in July.

Councillor Nick Peel said: “We are delighted that so many schools have signed up for this competition and we’d like to congratulate St John’s on winning the most amount of money.

We hope that this fun competition has helped children from these schools to teach their parents how to recycle right, with the added benefit of winning cash for their school to spend on new equipment or exciting activities.”

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