Scheme to curb takeaway litter 



Bolton Council has launched a new scheme to encourage businesses to take more responsibility for the packaging of the food they sell.



The ‘Food on the Go charter’ scheme is a voluntary charter aimed at all businesses selling food for immediate consumption, such as takeaways, sandwich shops and other fast food outlets.



The businesses are encouraged to sign up to the charter, which promotes joint cooperation and community engagement. The charter states that the business will display a poster inside the shop on exits and on bins to encourage customers not to drop litter; introduce additional bins outside their establishments; reduce the amount of packaging they give away and ensure the business has proper waste disposal arrangements in place.



Businesses who sign up to the charter also commit to ensuring that litter is regularly picked up around their premises.



Businesses who agree to sign up to the charter will be given a ‘Food on the Go’ certificate to demonstrate that they have pledged to promote tidiness around their premises and that they are working with the council to keep the town clean.



The council has already signed up 103 businesses to the charter from Rumworth, Great Lever, Harper Green, Farnworth & Kearsley and is aiming to sign up businesses from all across the borough.



Councillor John Byrne, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood and Community Services said: “The council spends over £2.8m a year tackling litter around the borough. A large proportion of that litter is found around fast food venues, as customers buy food, then discard the packaging and start eating as soon as they leave the premises. This campaign aims to promote cooperation and community engagement by getting businesses and their customers to take ownership of any litter generated by their premises. We hope that this initiative will help to reduce the amount of litter and make Bolton cleaner and tidier than ever.”



Mubarak Etha, owner of Rice n Three on Deane Road, Rumworth is one of the business owners who has signed up to the scheme. He said: “Like many takeaways, we find that customers discard the packaging of their food immediately after they leave the shop. We will be displaying posters reminding them to put litter in the bins, looking at the amount of packaging we give away and doing regular clean-ups outside the premises. We hope that be working in partnership with the council, we will reduce the amount of litter around our shop and the borough as a whole.”



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