Residents get a taste of food recycling 

New food waste bins
New small food waste containers

Bolton Council has moved a step closer to weekly food waste collection services, with the delivery of 30,000 new food waste containers across the borough.

From April 15, Bolton Council will be introducing a new weekly food waste recycling collection. To prepare for this, they will be delivering food waste recycling containers to 30,000 households across the borough, which do not currently receive a green bin waste recycling collection service.

The food waste recycling containers will be delivered together with a kitchen caddy, roll of compostable liners and leaflet explaining what can be recycled.

Residents currently receiving the fortnightly green bin collections will see no changes to their service.  However, any of these residents who do not yet recycle their food waste in the green bin are being encouraged to apply for their free kitchen caddy and roll of compostable liners by visiting

These changes should ensure that from April 15, the majority of residents in Bolton will then have access to a food waste collection service. Residents can put any kind of cooked or uncooked waste into recyclable bags in their kitchen caddy. The bags can then be tied and placed in the food waste container or green bin outside their house. All containers and bins should be placed outside for collection by 7.30am on the scheduled collection day.

Each household will be provided with a roll of 26 liners for the kitchen caddy. When the liners are running out, residents should tie an empty liner around the handle of the food waste container on collection day and the crew will leave a new roll of liners. Residents can also go to the One Stop Shop at Bolton Town Hall or the UCAN Centres for replacement rolls of liners.

From May 13, the council will also be adopting the same type of grey bin collection service already run by almost all other Greater Manchester boroughs and by more than half of councils across the country.

Under this system, known as a ‘managed weekly’ service, residual waste (grey bin) and recycling (burgundy, beige and green bins) are collected on alternate weeks. Calendars explaining the changes and showing the new collection dates are currently being delivered to every household across the borough.

Bolton Council’s Executive Cabinet Member for Environment, Councillor Nick Peel, said: “A large majority of residents already recycle food waste in their green bins and these new food containers will mean that residents with small or no gardens will be able to recycle food without having to find the space for another bin. All the food and garden waste collected is sent to be turned into compost and we hope that this new initiative will boost the recycling rate across Bolton from 31 per cent to over 40 per cent.

We appreciate that this new system will mean that residents will see changes and will need to adapt. Although collection days won’t change the time the waste and recycling crews may arrive to empty bins at a different time. There may be some disruption as the new collections start but we are asking everyone to be patient and understanding as we are confident that the changes, in the long term, will be better for the borough as a whole.”

Residents who are not already recycling and would like to join in or order a free recycling container can visit, email or telephone 01204 336632.


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