Residents can now recycle on the go 


Residents of Bolton now have 28 new ways to keep green on the go thanks to the instalment of recycling bins across the town centre.

The 28 new bins are split into three sections, allowing residents to recycle mixed paper and card in one; plastic bottles, drink cans and mixed glass bottles in another; with a third for non-recyclable litter.

Introducing these bins around the town centre means that residents will now find it just as easy to recycle when they are out and about as it is at their homes – with the same separation system in place for the private and public bins.

The bins form part of Bolton Council’s efforts to become a greener, cleaner place for residents and visitors alike. The council is committed to helping the environment and increasing recycling in Bolton by developing quality collection services for its residents.

As a result, Bolton is now recycling over 30% of its domestic waste, making the town among the top recycling performers in Greater Manchester.

Councillor Sufrana Bashir-Ismail, Executive Member for Cleaner, Greener, Safer, said: “The new recycling bins in town are a great way of helping people to recycle even more of their waste. It is easy to forget to recycle when you are out and about, but having convenient recycling bins in the centre of town can make being green on the go much easier.

“By continuing to improve and develop the way we manage waste, the residents of Bolton can continue to make the town one of the greenest in the region.”

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