Recycle at Christmas 


Bolton Council is reminding residents to recycle their food waste, paper and glass bottles over the festive season.

All types of food waste including turkey carcass, ham bones, vegetable peelings, sprouts and leftover Christmas cake can all be recycled in the green bin or food waste container, along with the holly, mistletoe and Christmas tree, chopped into pieces.

Wrapping paper, cardboard boxes, mince pie boxes, custard and brandy sauce cartons and Christmas cards can all be put into the beige bin, whilst wine, champagne and beer bottles, empty jars of apple and cranberry sauce can all be put straight into the burgundy bin.

In Bolton, the recycling tonnage has increased and the amount of residual waste collected has fallen significantly, since the new collections were introduced.

In comparison to the same period in 2012 between 1st April and 31 October 2012, the council collected 1,516 tonnes more food and garden waste, 723 tonnes more co-mingled recycling (cans, plastic bottles and glass) and  338 tonnes more of pulpable recycling (paper and cardboard). 

Whilst the amount of recycling collected has significantly risen, the amount of residual waste collected has significantly fallen. The council has collected 6593 tonnes less of general (black bin) waste than the same time in 2012.

As the council is charged £270 to dispose of every tonne of general waste, this means that the new collection system is helping the council save taxpayers money, by reducing the amount of waste sent for disposal.

 Bolton Council’s Cabinet Member for Waste and Recycling, Councillor Elaine Sherrington said:

“We’d like to thank everyone for working to make the new service a success. We’ve seen a significant increase in the amount of recycling which we have collected and a significant fall in the amount of residual waste we have collected, showing that people have already accepted the new system and are starting to change their behaviour and think about how they dispose of their waste.

However, we know that Christmas is a time that people eat and drink a lot more than usual and therefore produce a lot more waste.

We want to remind residents that most of the waste produced at Christmas can be recycled, from the turkey carcass, to cardboard boxes and from mince pie trays to Christmas trees. If you do have any excess waste which can’t be recycled and won’t fit in your grey bin, you can take it to any of the Household Recycling Centres around the borough, which are open every day except Christmas Day and Boxing Day.”

Bin collections will take place as normal except for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. To check your bin collection dates, visit or call 01204 336632.

To receive bin reminders, recycling tips and service announcements visit the bin collections page.  

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