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This year’s Recycle Week in Bolton will encourage people to waste less and try something new in an effort to get greener.

A number of events will take place from Monday June 22 to Sunday June 28, and will include workshops to show how the town’s residents can cut back on waste and improve their recycling levels.

From recycling more everyday items like glass and plastic bottles to minimising food waste or composting at home, there are a range of opportunities to promote how residents can reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

One of the major campaigns that will be highlighted throughout Recycle Week is the Love Food Hate Waste campaign, which is being run by WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) across the country, and is particularly being championed in the North West.

The campaign shows that by doing some easy practical everyday things in the home we can all waste less food, which will ultimately benefit our purses and the environment too.

On Thursday, Phil Ogden, Bolton School Meals Service’s training and development chef, will be assisted by the recycling team in cooking recipes designed by top chefs to show how to save money and help the environment by wasting less food.

The cooking equipment and food will be being provided by Bolton Market, and the cooked food will be offered to the public. Recipe cards and kitchen tips will be available for people to take home.

On Tuesday (23/6) and Thursday (25/6), the recycling team will be in the Town Hall square from 10am until 3pm asking residents to make pledges to do more to recycle different materials and reuse carrier bags.

Some of the pledges that have been made on the national Recycle Week website include forfeits if people fail to get greener. For instance, a man has pledged to be waste free for a day or shave his beard off, and a lady has vowed to make cups of tea for her mother-in-law all week if she does not recycle all her glass bottles and jars.

No doubt Bolton’s residents will be able to come up with their own off-the-wall pledges and forfeits for the coming week.

Senior members of the council’s recycling team will also be on hand to answer questions and will have information on services available in Bolton, as well as several recycling-based freebies.

“Recycle Week will provide the perfect opportunity for us to promote the value of recycling and reusing as much as possible, and reducing the amount of waste we send to landfill.” said Bolton Council’s Executive Member for Cleaner, Greener, Safer, Sufrana Bashir-Ismail.

“The Love Food Hate Waste campaign will encourage residents to not waste food and use left over food in imaginative ways. I hope there will be some imaginative pledges from the borough’s residents, and that we can make a real difference together.”

Recycle Week is a national event, and across the country there will be lots of events taking place to highlight local recycling services and ways that can help us all do our bit. For more information, please visit the link above.

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