New waste collection points for residents 


Bolton Council's domestic waste collection points have been so well received that the council has extended them into next week.

Residents had already dropped off over 90 tonnes of rubbish at the collection points this week and the council had already extended the collection points scheme to Saturday, where ten sites will be open across the borough for those residents who were working or busy and unable to drop off rubbish during the week.

The collection points scheme will now be extended from Monday 18 January, with three sites a day open from 8am-3pm, all located off main roads in publicly accessible spaces that have been made safe. A stationary waste collection vehicle will be located at each site and residents can deliver their waste to staff who will place it in the vehicle. The waste will then be removed that same day.

These collection points are an “additional” arrangement for collecting waste and not replacing normal waste collections. Bolton Council are not suggesting that they are suitable for everyone, but are offering them as an option for those residents who have safe access to main roads and their own transport.

Any waste must be presented in tied up bags and delivered to the collection point between 8am and 3pm. Residents are asked not to bring their bin to these collection sites.

Waste collection services have been operating kerbside collection services all this week across Bolton wherever it is safe to do so and have collected over 300 tonnes of waste from the kerbside in very difficult conditions. Those in sheltered accommodation and those receiving assisted collections have been prioritised on these collections.

Residents with access to a vehicle can also take their excess waste to their nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre, all of which are open from 8am until 6pm every day. These are Raikes Lane Household Waste recycling centre; Blackrod Household Waste recycling centre and Union Road,Household Waste recycling centre.

Please continue to check this website for further details and for maps of the collection points, please follow the links on the right.

Councillor Sufrana Bashir-Ismail, Executive Member for Cleaner, Greener, Safer commented: “This week, the council took the unprecedented decision to set up emergency waste collection points around the borough, in response to the severe weather, which has disrupted waste collections for several weeks. The emergency waste collection points were received well by residents, so we have extended them for a further week.

“We are urging residents to familiarise themselves with these collection points by checking the council website or reading the newspaper, which will be updated daily with details of the following day.

"We would like to thank all those residents who have dropped off waste at the collection points over the last few days. The council will still be making every effort to collect waste through our normal collection service and we will take any excess waste presented in bags on the next collection."

The collection points for Saturday 16 January are as follows:

Bolmoor Car Park, St Helens Road,Daubhill, BL3 3NL
Blackrod Recycling Centre, Blackhorse Street,Blackrod,BL6 5JS
Bolton Road Recycling Site, Bolton Road,Westhoughton,BL5 3DG
Tesco Superstore Horwich, Mansell Way,Horwich,BL6 6JS
Morrisons Car Park, Mornington Road,Heaton,BL1 4EU
Captain Street Recycling Centre, Captain Street,Horwich,BL6 7AE
Morrisons Harwood Car Park, Lee Gate,Harwood,BL2 3JZ
B & Q Superstore Car Park, Kay Street,Bolton Central,BL1 2SL
Lever Street Bring Site, Lever Street,Great Lever,BL3 6PB
Long Lane Bus Lay-by,Long Lane,Darcy Lever,BL2 6EX
Union Road Recycling Centre,Union Road,Tonge Moor,BL2 2HE
Farnworth Sports & Leisure Centre,Brackley Street, Farnworth,BL4 9ES
Raikes Lane Waste Disposal Site, Raikes Lane,Bolton Central,BL3 1RP

The collection points for Monday 18 January are as follows:

Blackrod Recycling Centre, Blackhorse Street,Blackrod,BL6 5JS
Red Lion Pub Car Park, Salford Road,Hulton,Four Lane Ends,BL5 1BJ
Bolton Road Recycling Site, Bolton Road,Westhoughton,BL5 3DG
Tesco Superstore Horwich, Mansell Way,Horwich,BL6 6JS

The collection points for Tuesday 19 January are as follows:

Tesco Superstore Horwich, Mansell Way,Horwich,BL6 6JS
Morrisons Car Park, Mornington Road,Heaton,BL1 4EU
Captain St Bringsite, Captain Street,Horwich,BL6 7AE

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