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Bolton Council is encouraging all of the borough’s dog owners to make sure that their pet has up to date identification (collar and tag, microchip or tattoo) – especially as the summer weather means that both owners and dogs will be spending more time outdoors.

The benefits of providing a pet with identification are felt by the owner, the animal and the council’s dog wardens.

The time spent trying to determine who the dog belongs to is reduced, the owner can be reunited with their pet sooner, the dog has to spend less time in kennels, and the warden’s job is made much easier if the owner’s details are readily available.

The collar and tag is required by law whenever a dog is in a public place and not providing it is a criminal offence – but a permanent form of identification such as a microchip or tattoo, which cannot be easily removed, is also highly advisable as collars can be removed accidentally and by thieves.

Anyone wishing to have their dog micro-chipped should consult their vet or a local animal charity to arrange it. Alternatively, the council is able to provide advice and information on where this can be done.

All stray dogs dealt with by Bolton Council’s Dog Control Service are checked for collar and tag, microchip and tattoo and while it is not always possible to return a dog directly to its owner, owners identified by the collar, tag, microchip or tattoo are always notified that the dog has been picked up and given the location where the dog will be held for the following seven days – during which they can reclaim it.

Councillor Sufrana Bashir-Ismail, Bolton Council’s Executive Member for Cleaner, Greener, Safer, said: “Dogs spend more time outdoors in the summer months and every dog owner wants to make sure that their pet is safe in the event of it being lost – we have all seen posters of dogs who are missed by their owners.

“Getting your pet a microchip or tattoo is the best way of making sure that this it is safe, and I would urge anyone who owns a dog to look into getting one.”

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