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Important Update

Update Monday 4 Jan 16:20pm

Council staff are continuing to support residents at Riverside Drive, Stoneclough and other areas in the borough, and have been present throughout the weekend.  Cleaning roads, removal of rubbish and damaged household possessions continues.

Update Thursday 31 Dec 16:05pm

Council staff are continuing to support residents at Riverside Drive, Stoneclough and other areas in the borough, and we will have a presence on site tomorrow and throughout the weekend.  A large road sweeper has been cleaning the roads today and smaller sweepers will be on site tomorrow.

Update Thursday 31 Dec 10:45am

Residents of Riverside Drive, Stoneclough will not pay any Council Tax for the rest of this financial year. Where householders have been paying by direct debit, this will be done automatically via their bank account, and for those householders who pay by another means, the Council Tax team will contact them to make the necessary arrangements.
Should any residents still be unable to fully use their homes by April, the Council will look to extend this arrangement into the new financial year.

Update Wednesday 30 Dec 17:20pm

We've been at Stoneclough today and working with our partners on a number of issues: electricity is off to many properties, the river bank is full of rubbish, looking at what repairs need to be made to gullies and the road, providing support to families who have to be rehoused, and sweepers out cleaning the street and paths.  United Utilities have confirmed that water bills will be suspended for customers who've been forced from their homes due to flooding.

Update Tuesday 29 Dec 4.30pm - Council staff have been working around-the-clock since early morning on Boxing Day to protect communities affected by flooding. Riverside Drive in Stoneclough was badly affected and council staff have been doing everything they can to help residents there.

Crews from street cleansing and waste management have been out clearing roads since Saturday, and we have provided cleaning materials to residents. Highways teams have been pumping and draining floodwater and sweeper vehicles will be on site continuously over the coming weeks.

Holy Trinity Church Prestolee on Church Road is open 24/7 to support local residents and clothing, food, and housing supplies are available, and our staff are also there to help and assist. 

Officers from our housing team have arranged temporary accommodation for two families affected by flooding and other families are staying with family and friends.

We are continuing to work closely with affected residents, and please be assured that the council along with volunteers and partners is doing everything we can to help.

Update Tuesday 29 Dec 11.30am - The Holy Trinity Church Prestolee, Church Road is open today to support local residents – clothing, food, and housing supplies are available. Our street cleansing and waste management crews are also out again, removing debris and helping clear up in flood affected areas. We are still awaiting details about grant funding for flood victims.

Update Monday 28 Dec 11.30am - we are awaiting to hear details about how the grant funding for flood victims will be distributed. Residents should await further information.

Update Sunday 27 Dec, 3:45pm - today's clean up operation is now drawing to a close.  Plans are already in place for crews to be back on site first thing tomorrow. No further updates are expected here tonight.  Urgent messages, should they be needed, will be sent via @boltoncouncil twitter and Facebook.

Update Sunday 27 Dec, 1pm:  An information centre is now running from Holy Trinity Church, Prestolee, Church Road, Radcliffe.  Anyone who has been affected by the floods can get help here including housing, social care and general information.

See the link on the right for advice from Public Health England about how to clean your house up safely.

Sunday 27 Dec, 10am: The council has been working on various sites with emergency services, doing everything it can to help residents affected by the flooding.
The flood warnings in Greater Manchester are no longer in place and water levels have receded considerably overnight.
We will be out clearing flood affected areas today. Areas where residents have been evacuated will be our first priority.
The Holy Trinity Church Prestolee, Church Road, has been open overnight and will remain open today for anyone who needs to take refuge from the floods. As well as hot drinks they can also offer a safe place to store belongings. 
Bin collections due today will go ahead. Extra support will be given to those in flooded areas who need it.
Please follow @boltoncouncil twitter account for further updates. 

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