Flood Resilience Grant 

flood resilience grant

Grants of up to £5,000 to protect Bolton homes and businesses against future floods are now available.

The money is available for homes and businesses affected by flooding as a result of storm Desmond and storm Eva.

Funding from grants can help residents and businesses better prepare for future floods;

  • to prevent flood water from entering a property
  • to speed the recovery process if water does get in


Applications for the flood resilience grant have now closed, for more information please ring 01204 335752.


The factsheet included here has been developed by the Department for Communities and Local Government with the Association of British Insurers (ABI), for individual property owners explaining the scheme, what it covers and how to apply for grants.

Those who think they are eligible for a grant can register their interest by emailing: floodresiliencegrant@bolton.gov.uk or phoning the housing standards team on 01204 335752.  They will be sent:

A step-by-step diagram of the process is also available here.

Use of flood resilience funding

Grants are intended to fund things which would improve a property's resilience or resistance to flooding (not repairs normally covered by insurance).

Measures may vary from property to property, so getting a professional survey of your home or business premises will help to identify flood risks.  Find a surveyor via RICS

Where risks are identified recommended resilience measures could include;

  • air-brick covers
  • re-pointing external walls with water resistant mortar
  • door guards
  • toilet seat pans

Applicants should avoid arranging for flood resilience work to be undertaken before an application is submitted and approved, just in case the work is not eligible and the costs can not be covered by a grant

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