Council tax scam returns again 


Residents should be on their guard as a council tax scam returns to the borough for the fourth time.

The scam involves fraudsters posing as council staff who are telephoning residents to say they have paid too much council tax and then asking for their bank account details, so that a refund can be processed.

The fraudsters have operated in a number of Greater Manchester boroughs and targeted Bolton several times in the last year. They have now returned to the borough for a fourth time and Trading Standards and the police are receiving a number of complaints from people who have been called by them so far.

Councillor Nick Peel, Executive Member for Housing, Neighbourhoods and Regulation said: “Bolton Council does not run a refund scheme for people who regularly pay their council tax and a phone call of this nature would not be made by our council tax team.

I would urge residents never to give out personal information, unless they know who the caller is and to be on their guard when callers ask for personal details. There is no way of knowing who you are actually speaking to at the time and there is every chance that the caller is a criminal trying to obtain money from your account or trying to obtain your details for identity theft.”

Anyone who receives suspicious calls, or has further information about the scam such as a name, address or telephone number, should report it to Trading Standards on 08454 040506.



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