Council takes action on flytip hotspot 

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Bolton Council is working in partnership with local businesses, to take action on a private road, which has been blighted by flytipping.

Alders Lane, which leads to Firwood Industrial Estate, is a private road, which has suffered from regular flytipping in the form of van loads of material from house clearances, causing problems for the businesses which use that road.

Although the council does not have responsibility for flytipping on private land, it was determined to try and deal with the flytips and has worked with the businesses on the industrial estate to look for a solution.

The council has agreed to clear the latest set of flytips and has also agreed to install a gate, which will allow access for businesses, whilst preventing anyone in a vehicle from driving down the lane to dump their waste. The council will also look to put in place a Public Space Protection Order on the lane. The legal costs for securing the restriction on the road will be met by the Council, whilst the local businesses are funding the purchase and installation of the gate. The road will remain open to pedestrians.

The council will also consider using additional measures to catch any fly-tippers whilst they await the gate being installed.

Bolton Council’s Executive Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, Councillor Nick Peel said:

“We are committed to cracking down on flytipping across Bolton, which causes all sorts of problems for local residents.

The waste also costs local taxpayers for the council to remove it.

Whilst the council does not have responsibility for flytips on private land, we will always try to help residents or businesses, who are suffering from persistent flytipping and try and find a solution where we can.

We are pleased that we have been able to come up with a solution, which will help the businesses using this road, whilst hopefully deterring flytippers from using the road in future. This is a unique partnership with local businesses, that we would hope to replicate in other areas in the borough”

Grant Pritchard, Managing Director of Hartech, which is based on Firwood Industrial Estate said:

“We’d like to thank the council for its positive and proactive approach to tackling the issue of flytipping on this road.

Every time someone dumps rubbish on this road, it causes a host of problems for the local businesses, from blocking the road, to the rubbish being set on fire.

The council has worked with the businesses to come up with an approach that we are all happy with and we’re looking forward to seeing the gate installed soon.”

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