Brush up on evolutionary knowledge 

An exhibit in Simple Beginnings: The Story of Evolution at Bolton Museum

Human evolution will be the subject of two evening talks at Bolton Museum, Aquarium and Archive this autumn.

On Thursday, September 24 Dr Una Strand Viddarsdottir of Durham University presents ‘An Introduction to Human Evolution’. She will provide a summary of findings in human evolution, reviewing what we know and the latest discoveries.

Then, on Thursday, October 29 world renowned biologist and geneticist Professor Steve Jones of University College London asks ‘Is Human Evolution Over?’. He will discuss his view that, for humans, our lifestyle prevents further evolutionary change.

Dr Una Strand Viddarsdottir has been a lecturer in the anthropology department of Durham University since 2002 and has a PhD in vertebrate palaeontology from University College London. Una is particularly interested in the process of geometric morphometrics and the development of shape variability in the skull and face during an individual’s development from a fertilised cell through to adulthood.

Professor Steve Jones is currently Head of Biology at University College London and is one of the best known contemporary popular writers on evolution. He has written several award-winning science books including The Language of the Genes and Darwin’s Island. He has also presented a number of scientific TV and radio series and is a regular guest on programmes such as Question Time and Newsnight.

Both talks are free and take place in the museum from 6pm to 7pm.

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