Bin campaign launches 


Have you smashed your cup or burned the bottom out of your saucepan? Does your rubber duck need an early bath?

If you want to throw away your pots and pans or even your rubber duck, please make sure that they go in the appropriate bin!

Bolton Council has launched a campaign to educate residents about what should and shouldn’t be put into in the burgundy recycling bins or green boxes, as they are encountering numerous problems with people putting the wrong items in these containers.

The burgundy bins are available to anyone around the borough and can be used for recycling glass bottles or jars, food and drink cans and plastic bottles, all with their lids removed.

However, the bins cannot be used for recycling plastic food trays, yoghurt and margarine tubs or any kind of ceramics. Some other weird and wonderful stuff which residents have tried to recycle in the burgundy bins includes rubber ducks, hose pipes, fairy lights, children’s toys, washing baskets and clinical waste. None of these are suitable for recycling in these containers.

These items are classed as ‘contamination’ and if put into the bin or box could stop the entire binload being recycled.

If too much contamination is in the recycling the bin trucks will be rejected at the tip and the council is charged £500 for every rejected load of recycling.  So, the council is unable to empty the burgundy bin or green box if they see that there are non-recyclable items within that bin.

The campaign includes a sticker being placed on any containers which are unable to be emptied explaining the reasons why and re-emphasising what can be recycled in that bin, as well as articles in the council newspaper and local press.

Councillor Sufrana Bashir-Ismail, Executive Member for Cleaner, Greener, Safer commented: “Bolton residents are great at recycling, but it’s really important that residents are aware which items can and can’t be recycled. Just one or two non-recyclable items can mean a load of recycling being rejected. If this happens, the council and ultimately Bolton taxpayers have to pay for this, so it’s in everyone’s best interests to make sure the right things are being recycled.”

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