Barlow Park Centre reopens 

The reopening of Barlow Park

Thanks to support from Bolton Council and a range of partners, Barlow Park Young People’s Centre has now been refurbished, and will increase its opening times.

The council, along with Bolton Lads and Girls Club, the local area forum and Bolton at Home, have worked to ensure that the centre is now open for a mid-week evening and Friday and Saturday evenings for young people aged 13 to 19. This will complement the four evenings that the centre is open to children aged four to 12.
Bolton Lads and Girls Club is commissioned by the council to offer a range of high quality activities for the children and young people of Bolton.

Examples include: mentoring projects at Barlow Park itself; young volunteer projects; after-school clubs for children with additional needs; and targeted work in Great Lever on Heywood Park.

Bolton Lads and Girls Club is also looking to establish a forum for young people and a residents committee to develop activities. The club will engage with the private sector locally to further develop their work with young people.

Children and young people in Bolton have access to a diverse range of activities, thanks to the partnerships between Bolton Council and the private and the voluntary sectors.

Councillor Ebrahim Adia, Executive Member for Children and Young People said, “It’s really important for everyone to work together for the wellbeing of our younger generation.

“I’m delighted we have partners such as Bolton Lads & Girls Club who we can work with and commission, and know they share the same ethos and professionalism we want in our services for children and young people.”

Bolton has received £4.168m funding from Aiming High - the government’s ten-year youth strategy – to ensure there are places to go and things to do for young people. This has enabled the refurbishment of Barlow Park, allowed the Willows Centre to be refurbished and re-opened, and facilitated the purchase of a mobile fleet of vehicles which can be used in any community.

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