The council will admit all children with a statement of special educational needs, in whose statement the school is named

The policy for admission to community and controlled primary schools is as follows.

If the school is over-subscribed, the following criteria will be applied to all applications in priority order.

Priority 1

Children in Public Care (Looked after Children)

Priority 2

Other children who are considered as "vulnerable" whose application for the preferred school is supported by the Assistant Director for Social Care. This will include;

  • Children for whom there is a child protection plan or has been within a 12 month period
  • Children who have had a period of care within 2 years of the admission application and are still receiving social care services
  • Children who are considered to be at significant risk of becoming looked after
  • Children who are living in temporary accommodation due to fleeing violence and the area for rehousing has been identified

Priority 3

Children who will have older siblings in years Reception to 6 of the preferred school at the date of admission. Sibling includes full, step, half, foster and adopted brothers and sisters living at the same address

Priority 4

Children who have strong Church connections where the school is a Church school.

Parents must complete the supplementary form attached to the application form as evidence that the family and the child are active worshipping members of the church to which the school is affiliated. Active worshipping members of the church will be those persons who worship at least once a month sustanined over a period of a year prior to the closing date for applications

Priority 5

Children who suffer from some medical condition or disability, which makes it better for them to attend that school rather than another. Places will only be offered under this criterion if the child has a certified medical condition with strong professional supporting evidence confirming that existing exceptional problems with the child's health would be seriously exacerbated if a place were not made at the preferred school

Priority 6

Proximity (where you live).

Shortest walking distance to the preferred school minus the shortest walking distance to teh nearest/next nearest school.