The Early Intervention Service

Regular attendance at school is both a legal requirement and essential in order to help your child achieve and get the best possible start in life.

What do I do if my child is not attending school?

If you are having trouble getting your child to go to school you should contact the school and work closely with them to agree a plan to improve attendance.

If you need further guidance or support you can contact the Early Intervention Service on 01204 338173.

Promoting Good Attendance (PDF 426KB)

If your child continues to miss school a penalty notice (PDF 380KB) may be issued and in certain cases legal means can be used to enforce school attendance.

Please note, the information about penalty notices refers to the 2017/2018 academic year and will be updated before the start of the next academic year. 

How do I report a child who is not attending school?

A child is classed as missing from education if they are of compulsory school age but are not registered at a school nor being taught privately or through alternative education.  Bolton Council works closely with schools and the Early Intervention Service to find children who are missing and integrate them back into education.  If you are aware of a child who should be in school and is not, you should contact the Children Missing Education Officer on 01204 332139.



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