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Moving into a residential or nursing home (or 'care home') is a major step in your life and you need to be sure that it is the right move for you, please follow the links below to find out more:

Facts and information
Dementia High Needs
Who can get help?
The cost of care
Monitoring the quality of care homes

Age UK have produced a useful guide to help with choosing a care home.

Facts and information

Residential homes are for people who cannot manage alone and need help with everyday tasks such as washing, dressing or going to the toilet.

Nursing homes are for people who need skilled nursing care because of illness, infirmity or injury.

For information about residential and nursing homes we recommend the factsheets and guides produced by Independent Age, a national charity specialising in advice and information for older people. You can download or order the factsheets and guides from their website.

You can also call the Independent Age advice line on: 0845 262 1863

Dementia High Needs

For those who have Dementia with higher needs it may be that placement in a specialist Dementia High Needs Unit is appropriate.

Dementia High Needs Units are located in a number of residential homes across the borough. These offer an environment with Dementia friendly design and specialist staff.

The eligibility decision making process for Dementia High Needs Payments involves the consideration of the following ten criteria.

Who can get help?

For more information on help available through the council please contact Access Bolton on 01204 338027 or see our 'Assessing your needs' webpage.

Advice and support is available to everyone considering a move into Residential or Nursing Care. Whether you are in a position to pay for your care, or need help with this, we will advise and support you through the process if needed.

If you want the council to pay for your care, we will assess your needs to decide whether we can do this. We use 'eligibility criteria' to decide who can get help.

The cost of care

Many of your questions about paying for residential or nursing care will be answered by the Independent Age factsheets and additional help can be found by visiting their links to other sources of help. We also produce our own payment information - including local variations to the rules.

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