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What can I use the burgundy bin for?

You can put the following items in your burgundy bin (See our leaflet for more).

Foil and foil trays
Plastic bottles without lids
Tins and drink cans
Glass bottles and jars without lids

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  • Order a new recycling bin or container

  • Request the removal of a bin or container

  • What plastics can I recycle?

    • The only plastics we can recycle are plastic bottles:

      » Drink bottles
      » Sauce bottles
      » Washing up liquid bottles
      » Kitchen cleaner bottles
      » Laundry detergent bottles
      » Hand wash bottles
      » Liquid soap bottles
      » Mouth wash bottles
      » Shower gel bottles
      » Shampoo and conditioner bottles
      » Bleach and bathroom cleaner bottles

  • Why can’t I recycle other plastics?

    • Manufacturers that make new products demand high grade plastics such as plastic bottles. Your yoghurt pots, margarine tubs and plastic trays are made using a low grade plastic and at the moment there is no market in the UK to recycle these items.

  • How should I recycle plastic bottles?

    • » Rinse or wash bottles (as necessary) using leftover washing up water to prevent smells
      » Squash or flatten them - so they take less space in your recycling bin
      » Where possible remove lids and the plastic trigger and spray device from cleaning bottles
      » No need to remove any labels
      » Place in the burgundy bin
  • What can the plastic bottles be recycled into?

    • The plastic bottle you recycle today could come back as a new bottle, a drainpipe, a football shirt, a child's toy, garden furniture or even a car bumper.

  • What happens to the other plastics in the grey bin?

    • Your plastic pots, tubs and trays don’t go to waste. Put them in your grey bin and they will be turned into green electricity. Read more about it on the Recycle for Greater Manchester website.

  • Can I recycle the lids from bottles?

    • Bottle tops are made from low grade plastics like pots, tubs and trays and there is no market in the UK to recycle these items at the moment. Please place them in your grey bin where they will be turned into green electricity.

  • Where can I recycle carrier bags?

    • We would encourage resident to use bags for life where possible as they can be returned to the shop and exchanged for a new one when they reach the end of their life.

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