Winter weather can be severe and quickly disrupt our daily lives, being better prepared can help us, our families and our communities to stay safe, warm and healthy throughout the winter.

There are a number of practical things that individuals and communities can do to prepare for a wide range of winter weather conditions including cold, ice, snow, high winds and flooding.

Bolton Council is supporting the 'national Get ready for winter campaign' (view campaign booklet).  Join us in Victoria Square on 26th October 2017 where you can talk to our team of experts and gain advice, tips and ideas (view PDF for more details).  Also we have prepared the following information to help you get ready for winter:

Weather information
School and road closures
Gritting and clearing snow
Driving in severe weather
Bin collections
Staying warm in your home
Energy efficiency in the home
Bolton care and repair
Staying healthy

Weather information

Listen to weather forecasts regularly on your local radio station (Tower FM – 107.4 FM or Bolton FM – 96.5 FM). Severe weather warnings are also issued by the Met Office and can be found on their website

School and road closures

Details of any schools or roads within the Borough that have to be closed due to bad weather, will be publicised on the council's news pages, Facebook, Twitter or Tower FM (107.4 FM).

For further information on regional and national routes, see the Highways England website.

Gritting and clearing snow

Bolton Council’s Highways Team is responsible for keeping the major traffic routes in the borough clear. Full details of the roads and routes that are gritted and locations of grit bins can be found on the Winter Gritting web page where you can also subscribe to receive winter gritting alerts.

Alerts and updates by email

Subscribe to winter gritting alerts

Our alerts and updates are only sent out when the severity rating is high (1-3), bringing all the important updates straight to you.

Teams from Bolton Council will also assist in clearing snow and access routes, if resources are available.

If you want information on clearing snow and ice outside your home view the Snow Code.

Driving in severe weather

  • Don't travel unless absolutely necessary.
  • Allow plenty of time for your journey and take at least 10 minutes to de-frost your car.
  • Clear all windows of snow and ice.
  • Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged.
  • Make sure you put a torch, first-aid kit, tow rope, blankets and a snow shovel in your car, in case of emergencies.

For more information visit this page on the Met Office site.

Bin collections

Large refuse collection vehicles suffer the same problems as other vehicles on icy roads, making it dangerous for members of the public and our staff to have these vehicles on the road.

During severe winter weather, assessments are made to establish if it’s safe for waste and recycling collection teams to carry out their normal duties. If there are no concerns, crews proceed with collections where possible.

For up to date information on waste and recycling collections during the winter months, see the council's Bins and recycling webpage - you can now subscribe to receive bin reminders and service alerts too!

Staying warm in your home - Keep Warm Keep Well

The cold weather, combined with low levels of sunlight after the clocks go back, means that many of us can feel in poor health. Hover, with some simple precautions, most people can be prepared for the cold weather.

Bolton Council’s Public Health Department run the annual 'Keep warm, keep well' campaign, this is currently running in every Pharmacy in Bolton. 

The campaigns top tips for winter are:

  • The number one tip for winter is to PREPARE - If you’re prepared for winter it’s easier to keep warm and keep well.
  • Use a room thermometer - keep your living room at 21°C and other rooms at 18°C for a healthy home.
  • Stock up on tinned and frozen foods, so that you don’t have to go out too much when it’s cold or icy.
  • When it’s cold have at least one hot meal a day and plenty of hot drinks.
  • Up to 15% of heat in homes is lost through draughts – consider draught proofing.
  • Check if you’re eligible for the winter fuel payment, cold weather payment & warm homes discount.
  • Look after yourself and check on vulnerable neighbours and make sure they are safe.
  • Layer your clothing and wear shoes with a good grip if you need to go outside.
  • Keep a mixture of sand and salt handy for steps and paths in icy and snowy weather.

Public Health England also have their keep warm keep well information specifically for over 60s, low-income families and people living with a disability.

Energy efficiency in the home

Making your home energy efficient is kind to the environment, but can also help cut your utility bills. Bolton Council wants residents to improve the efficiency of their homes. Read on to find information on the support available to residents and links to organisations that can help you to reduce your bills.


Bolton Care and Repair

Bolton care and repair

Bolton Care and Repair is a partnership of organisations working in Bolton to help people who are older, disabled or on low income to repair, improve, maintain or adapt their home.


Staying healthy

Here are five ways to make sure that even when your body is telling you to hibernate you can keep healthy and fit, no matter what the weather's like:

  1. Eliminate your lack of sleep
  2. Drink more milk
  3. Eat more fruit and vegetables
  4. Try new family activities
  5. Have a hearty breakfast 

For further information on keeping healthy during the cold months see the NHS Choices Winter Health web pages. 

What if game

What if gameRaising public awareness to be more resilient in an emergency is important for communities as a whole. Research has shown that by engaging young people we can reach their parents, guardians, peers and the wider community to enable them to prepare for emergencies and to be better able to cope with them should they occur.

Bolton Council would like to thank Essex County Council for sharing information and assisting in the development of this web page.

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